The Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestinian, PFLP, and the Islamic Resistance Movement, Hamas, rejected calls of the Palestinian Authorities to disarm.

The two movements said that the weapons of the resistance are legitimate and used to protect the Palestinian People and their land.

Jamil Majdalawi, member of the political bureau of the PFLP released a press release considering the calls to disarm the resistance and all understandings, beginning from the Tenet understandings until the Road Map plan, and what going on now, as a wrong policy “which gives the enemy what he does not deserve”.

Also, Majdalawi added that collecting the weapon of the resistance is a harmful policy since it is used to resist the occupation, which is a legitimate right.

Majdalawi rejected any talks with the P.A concerning handing the weapons of resistance fighters in order to achieve political gains, considering this policy a “blackmail which plays in the hands of the occupation”.

Majdalawi said that the wanted fighters have the right to be part of the P.A security devices, but this should not be used as a means to pressure and blackmail them.

Meanwhile, Hamas denied reports released on Saturday what some P.A sources published concerning intentions of some resistance fighters of Al-Qassam brigades, the military wing the movement, to join P.A security devices.

Sami Abu Zuhri, spokesman of Hamas said, ‘These reports are untrue, we have no idea about what those officials are talking about.’

Abu Zuhri remarked that Hamas’ stance is clear.  It objects laying down arms and rejects absorbing resistance fighters by the security forces as long as the occupation is there, and as long as the Palestinian Authority is unable to provide protection to the wanted.

Head of the committee for the ‘wanted and deportees’ affairs Abdul Fattah Hamayel, said on Saturday that some of the fighters from Ez Eddin Al-Qassam, the armed military wing of Hamas, have expressed intentions to join the Palestinian Security Forces.

Hamayel said, those who have showed interest and readiness, have filled Job applications to the security forces, similar to those filled and signed by other wanted fighters in which they pledge not carry out acts of violence.  Some others asked for some time to think about it, Hamayel said.

He indicated that signing up for these jobs is voluntary, and individual, remarking that the security forces will be ready to accommodate whoever is qualified to join.

Hamaeyl said the Israeli-Palestinian joint committee of the wanted affairs will meet during the coming week to come up with a final decision on the Palestinian notes on the Israeli draft proposal submitted in the previous meeting.