Israeli soldiers and police on Sunday night removed three unauthorized
outposts put by settlers near Hebron earlier in the evening.

Two outposts were set up near the settlement of
Kiryat Arba, while the third was near the settlement of Elon
Moreh.  Settlers left some 100 people; most of them are teenagers
in each of them.

In the outpost near Elon Moreh, the settlers of Elon Moreh set up some
wooden structure with tin, Police instructed the settlers to
leave.  The boys left, however, the girls refused to leave. 
Troops who declared the area a closed military area, all settlers were
moved to Elon Moreh.

In one of the other two outposts, known as ‘The Heroe’s Outpost’,
settlers clashed with the troops and police.  Settlers set up a
make-shift hut in this outpost on the route connecting Kiryat Arba with
Ibrahimi Mosque, also known as the Tomb of the Patriarchs.

Settlers, mostly women and girls, blocked the road, set tires on fire
and prevented the Palestinian worshippers, who are going to the
Ibrahimi mosque from using the road.

The hut remained in place, but the settlers were removed from the area, according to Israel Radio.

Israeli newspaper Haaretz reported that this nearly the twentieth time troops evacuate this outpost.

In the other Hebron outpost settlers set up a make-shift synagogue
located at the entrance to the Kiryat Arba.  Haaretz said, this
has been demolished at least 25 times.

Apparently, these settlers’ maneuvers are part of their tactics to
oppose the disengagement.  Settlers who were planted in the area
can not digest the idea that they might be removed some day.

‘The IDF and the security establishment will find they do not have
enough forces to control the entire [evacuated] zone. We intend to do
whatever we can to delay the evacuation and make it as difficult as
possible,’ said Yedidia, one of the organizers of the Kiryat Arab
outposts’ setup.