Israeli Prison Authority spokesperson said Monday that a Palestinian prisoner (still unnamed) was moved from Nafha prison to Soroka hospital in Ber Sheva.

The spokesperson said that the prisoner joined the hunger strike even he suffers a stomach ulcer, and that his health deteriorated considerably in the past two days.

But, Prisoners Solidarity committee activists Sana’ Salamah identified the prisoner to be Abdul-Halim Abdullah, spending a life sentence since 12 years, and added that he suffered a sever drop in blood pressure due to lack of minerals.

Prison guards confiscated in the first day of the strike the amounts of salt, prisoners kept to help them compensate for lost minerals.

As well, prisoners in Nafaha prison reported that in a desperate attempt to pressure prisoners to stop the strike, the prison administration moved criminal prisoners to political prisoners’ sections and allowed them to cook food in cells adjacent to political prisoners’ cells.

Prisoners’ solidarity society also reported that the prison authority denied prisoners the right to join the Friday prayer, and that prison guards were physically assaulting prisoners

Around 4,000 Palestinian political prisoners are on a hunger strike for the tenth day. Prisoners demand human conditions and treatment, the prison authority dismisses their demands, saying that they can all starve to death.

Meanwhile, dozens of solidarity with prisoners tents erected at various Palestinian cities are visited by thousands of residents every day.

Ex-inmates, prisoners’ family members, and dozens of other residents, are permanently staying in the tents, few of them joined the prisoners hunger strike.