The Fatah bloc in the Palestinian Legislative Council (PLC) is meeting on Thursday in Ramallah to decide whether it is going to vote in the council for the delay of the upcoming legislative elections slated for July 10.

Fatah members in the PLC, who form the biggest bloc, are split over the amended election law.

While some members advocate for the new change which adopt the proportional representation, other members want the old law to remain as it was in 1996, Palestinian sources reported.

The sources also viewed this meeting is very important because Fatah will come p with a final decision on the election delay.

The PLC delayed its session scheduled for today until tomorrow to enable Fatah bloc to come up with the decision on the issue.

Fatah claims they want to delay until the amended law is either approved or rejected.

Some PLC member downplayed the approval or disapproval the amended election law affirming that the elections will be held as scheduled.

Hassan Khreisheh, PLC deputy chair said, the council is not bound to a time limit to decide on the amendment. However, the Central Election Committee hopes that the PLC approves the amendments 3 months prior to Election Day so they can prepare for it.

‘The PLC is self ruled, what the Central Election Committee demanded is not a law, but a proposal,’ Khreishe said, adding that committee can adopt if the law is suddenly approved because they have been working for three years and have enough experience.

The source added that Khreishe and some other PLC members threatened to resign if elections are delayed.

On the other hand, Hamas, who decided to join these elections, demanded that no delay takes place. Hamas also affirmed that the elections are not linked to the calm declared among the Palestinian Factions.