First step: show no sign of resistance to any move
by the controlling superpower, no matter how painful or unjust the move
may appear to you.

Don’t demand a return for any concession that you
make. You need to learn how to fully trust and rely on the goodwill of

You need to realize that justice is: what is
possible to achieve. Knowing that in a crisis with a superpower nothing
can be achieved, you can’t make any claim that justice might be on your

You need to admit that emotions are primitive
feelings. They don’t suit the market norms. In a market economy, every
thing has a price, including pride, self-respect, and emotions. Never
react, never show emotion should become your golden rule. 

You need to recognize your inferiority, to
understand that it stems from your own deformed culture; religious
beliefs and the sets of wrong values your nation has developed over the
years. You need to always work hard to try to imitate the nations of

You need to learn how to defend superpowers against the “terrorists”, how to stand with the good guys against the axis of evil.

You should be thankful if the “security” of the
superpower requires restricting your movement, taking your family’s
land, or arresting your son. Sooner or later you will understand the
wisdom behind each of these actions.

You need to become a true Christian and turn the
other cheek, when your jacket is taken, give your shirt as well, and
bless the ones who hurt you.

Anger is your biggest enemy. No matter what, you have to learn how to be patient, thankful, and cooperative.

If after all of this you still want to live, come and join us in Palestine.