Approximately seventy days after the cease fire agreement declared at the Sharm Al-Sheikh summit in Egypt, between the Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, and the Israeli PM Ariel Sharon, the Israeli army conducted 3854 violations.

The Palestinian Information Center monitored these violations since February 8th and reported 920 invasions, mainly in the West Bank, and 600 cases of shelling and firing at populated and residential areas.

Several Palestinian factions called for reconsidering the “truce” in light of the continuous Israeli violations to the arrived truce.

Also, the center reported that the Israeli army killed since January 1st, until February 16th, the army killed 83 Palestinians, including 20 who were killed after the truce was announced, 226 residents were injured, including dozens of children.

Palestinian factions demanded that Israel should halt all of its operations, especially the killings and assassinations, but the Israeli army continued its operations.

One of the main understandings of the Sharm Al-Sheik summit was the release of 900 Palestinian detainees; Israeli only released 400, and arrested 543 residents.

The army also leveled 42 homes including 32 homes, army claimed that some of these homes were illegally constructed, 4 homes belong to families of Palestinian fighters, and 6 other homes were leveled for “military purposes”.

Thousands of Dunams wee bulldozed and uprooted, and 60 cases of annexations were reported in order to erect the Separation wall and settlements.