Sheikh Hassan Nasrallah, Secretary General of the
Lebanese resistance party Hezbollah that the United Nations’ demand to
disarm the militias in Lebanon is irrelevant to Hezbollah because it is
not a militia.

‘The UN resolution 1559 demands the dismantle of the militias, good, we
are not a militia, and the Lebanese government does not see us as a
militia, and the Lebanese parliament does not see us as a Lebanese in
addition to the fact that most of the Lebanese people do not see
Hezbollah as a militia, therefore, we do not bother with the 1559
resolution.’ Nasrallah said in an interview with Reuters.

Nasrallah said that as long as Israel is still al threat to the country, the party will not lay down weapons.

He said ‘There are two reasons for resistance, either an occupied land
or a threat of aggression.  Where there is no threat of aggression
and there is no occupation, there will be no meaning for
resistance.’  He added, ‘It is known world wide that when land is
occupied, the country does not depend only on its army, it also depends
on the popular resistance.’

Rejecting the UN 1559 resolution, Nasrallah accused that the UN is
submitting to Israeli –American pressure to disarm Hezbollah so ‘Israel
can do whatever it wants in Lebanon.’

‘Who can guarantee that Israel will not attack Lebanon or the
resistance in Lebanon in case of any attack takes place in Occupied
Palestine or any other part of the world, and no one claims
responsibility for the attack?’ Nasrallah questioned.

Nasrallahs statements came after the U.S. President George W. Bush
demanded the Syrian government to disarm Hezbollah and close its
offices in Damascus.

Bush has also accused Hezbollah, of attempting to thwart the Palestinian-Israeli peace process.

On the other hand, Hezbollah welcomed the formation of the new
government headed by Najeeb Miqati and said the party is willing to
help Lebanon to settle its political crisis and express readiness to
join the government.

‘We are ready to join the government, however, we there are two things
to be taken in to consideration, first is the nature and structure of
the new government and second its political program.’ Nasrallah said.