As the Israeli Defense Minister, Shaul Mofaz visited on Tuesday, Naveh Dkalim settlement, in the Gush Katif settlement Bloc, dozens of settlers called him a traitor and urged him to resign.

Mofaz visited Naveh Dkalim as he was scheduled to meet with the settlers, but they avoided him and did not attend the meeting, yet dozens of settlers waited outside carrying offensive posters and shouted insults against him.

Dozens of Israeli policemen and security guards surrounded Mofaz and took him away from the angry crowd.

Meanwhile, Mofaz said that “such a reception was expected, and even worse”, and added that he was not surprised by the “rude welcome”.

Earlier on Tuesday, Mofaz met with settlers’ leaders in Gush Katif, which marks the first meeting between settlers slated for evacuation with a high rank minister, who supports disengagement.

Also, Mofaz added that the settlers request to delay disengagement is possible and that it “would be seriously considered, but if it was approved, it should be limited to three weeks”, Mofaz added.