Israeli army began moving equipment out of the Gaza
Strip on Wednesday, in preparation to implementing the unilateral
disengagement plan, Israeli sources reported.

An army spokesman said, around 20 containers loaded with office
equipments, computers and uniforms were being transferred from army
bases in the strip.

‘This morning we began moving several containers with logistical equipment,’ the army official said.

Most of the evacuated equipment is from a base in the Neveh Dekalim
settlement in the Gush Qatif settlement bloc, home to the army’s
Southern Brigade.

Although the army is transferring this equipment, it is not planned to
remove the base until after all settlers are evacuated.
Apparently, the base will be used for the army during the evacuation.

Earlier army reports pointed that the military establishment are
expecting a very strong resistance by the settlers during the pullout.

‘We are already preparing, so everything won’t be last minute during
the planned withdrawal,’ a military official said on customary
condition of anonymity.

Despite talks about possible meetings between Palestinian and Israeli
officials, Palestinians still deny any kind of coordination being done
for the disengagement plan.

A meeting scheduled for Wednesday afternoon between Israeli Prime
Minister Ariel Sharon’s senior aide Dov Weissglas and senior
Palestinian officials Saeb Ereikat and Mohammed Dahlan, was delayed for
unknown reasons.

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas clearly expressed the Palestinian
Authority’s willingness to coordinate the withdrawal. However, Ereikat
indicated earlier this week that no coordination until the moment has
taken place.

He remarked that Palestinians have no idea about the future of the
borders, crossing points, evacuated settlements, the airport, the beach
and many other things after the pullout.

Claimed to be for religious reasons, Israeli government is considering
postponing the withdrawal until August 10; three weeks after the
scheduled date. Official sources said, Jews are not allowed to
buy new houses or move to new houses during this period of the year as
it is a morning period for the second destruction of the temple, in the
Jewish believes.

Local observers expressed difficulty believing Israeli officials did
not know in advance that this time of the year restricts moving.
They, however, said withdrawing from Gaza Strip is a unilateral step
taken by the Israeli government without consulting or coordinating with
the Palestinians, so it their call.