The central court in Tel Aviv ruled to end solitary confinement of Tali
Fahima, an Israeli citizen arrested upon alleged accusations of helping
Palestinians carry out attacks in Israel.

Fahima appealed to the court to allow her to have phone calls with her
mother and lawyer and asked if she will be allowed to meet them without
bars and meet other prisoners in her section.

The court also allowed her to meet her mother and lawyer without a
barrier and is also considering allowing her to use the phone.

Fahima was welcomed with a long applause by her supporters who gathered in the court room.

Fahima’s Lawyer, Samdar bin Natan said that it took a court decision to
approve the deal reached with prison’s administration, remarking that
Fahima met on Monday with some other prisoners and that she met her
without a barrier.

Fahima’s mother, Sara, told reporters that her ‘daughter’s rights must
be guaranteed as a prisoner, like phone calls and other things. 
‘Why should I visit her and have bars between us, what makes my
daughter different?’ asked Sara.

Fahima claims that other prisoners in her sections received
instructions not to talk to her. She also claims that her being in
solitary confinement since august 2004 would very badly affect her
psychological and mental health that might reach an irreversible level
at some point.

The accusation Fahima is facing is ‘helping the enemy during
war.’  She is accused of helping Zakaria Al-Zubeidi, leader of the
Aqsa Martyr brigades who carried out several attacks against Israeli
targets in the West Bank in the past few years, accusations that Fahima
entirely deny.