Chair of the Israeli Knesset Reuvene Revelen
demanded the State’s Attorney General Minachem Mazuz, to urge Prime
Minister Ariel Sharon not to sign the agreement in which Israel allows
Egypt to deploy more troops on the borders between Gaza Strip and
Sinai, Israeli sources reported.

Informed sources reported that Revlen discussed this issue with Yuval
Shteinitz, chair of the Knesset’s Foreign Affairs and Defense
committee, known of his enmity to Egypt, and demanded that the
committee convenes on this issue.

Such a step reflects a growing objection to this deal, since Revlen
received a legal advice stating that Sharon signing this deal without
checking whether it needs the consent of the Knesset is violation of
the peace treaty signed between Egypt and Israel in 1979.

The legal advisor of the committee, Miri Frnkel Schurr prepared a legal
advisory opinion on the redeployment of Egyptian forces on the
borders.  She stated in her advisory that having Egyptian troops
on the borders makes big modifications on the military appendix of Camp
David agreement.

The advisory opinion was requested by Shteinitz who said that efforts
must be invested to not allow this to happen and described it as a
‘catastrophe’ and added that allowing Egyptian troops on Philadelphi
corridor is like ‘allowing Iranian forces to enter Jenin.’

Revlen also consulted with a Bar Ilan university professor, Yaffa
Zelbrischts who also stated that it is a violation of the Camp David
accords, however she said this is a political and not legal issue which
means that it is the political establishment’s call.