A public poll conducted in Israel revealed that the majority of Jewish Israelis support disengagement and believe that the tension between Jews and Arabs in Israel a grave threat to the state.

55% of Jewish Israelis support disengagement, 29% of them appose it, while 44% of the Israelis who support right wing parties support the plan and 41% appose it.  

An Israeli movement called “Reconciliation Order” conducted a pull on a sample of 500 Israeli Jews over the age of 18; the pull was conducted at the beginning of the year and its results were released on Thursday.

The participants considered the gap between supporters of disengagements and those who appose it, as a threat to the state of Israel; this threat occupies the second level after the social tension between Arab residents of Israel and the Jews.

81% of the Israeli Jews who support disengagement believe that they understand the logic of the residents who appose the plan, and 46% of the Israeli who appose the plan believe that the position of disengagement supporters is legitimate.

Fears of disengagement, hopes for the future

63% of the Israelis believe that the possibilities of violence during disengagement are very likely, and might lead to death and injuries among the soldiers and settlers.

43% believe that there are high risks of casualties during disengagement as a result of clashes between settlers and soldiers.

Nearly half of the Israeli society, according to the poll sample, believes that the Israeli society will be divided as a result of disengagement; 71% of the Israelis who appose disengagement and 39% of the supporters believe disengagement will divide the Israeli society.

Army as a factor which unifies the Israeli society

The Israeli army, according to the poll results, is considered one of the factors which unify the Israeli society, 76% believe so, 54% of Israeli Jews believe that the Jewish history unifies the society, 53% believe that the Israeli achievements in sports and science unify the society, and 46% believe that the figures of the state unify it.

Disengagement supporters believe that the Israeli achievements in the world are “considered a unifying factor to the Israeli society”.