For the third day, the detainees in Huwwara detention, near Nablus, resumed their hunger strike which was announced in protest to the bad treatment and harsh conditions they face in detention.

The detainees demand the prison authority to provide them with the needed medial attention, improve food quality, and allow them to leave their rooms which are continuously locked.

The Nablus office of the Palestinian Prisoners Society reported that soldiers in Huwwara detention repeatedly attacked the detainees in their rooms, forcing them against the walls for longs periods.

Also, the society stated that several detainees, including child detainees, are suffering from bruises in injuries after being attacked and clubbed by the soldiers.

Huwwara detention lacks the basic daily needs of the detainees, the rooms are filled with humidity, and toilets do not have a functioning sewerage system which is causing bad smells and threatens the health of the detainees.

The society appealed humanitarian organizations to interfere and act fast in order to stop the policy which the prison administration is using against the detainees, and provide them with better living conditions, food and medical attention.

It is worth mentioning that Huwwara prison administration asked the army to send 50 more soldiers to the prison in order to ‘break’ the strike of the detainees, which shows intentions of violence instead of negotiating with them.