Palestinian Minster of Prisoners’ Affairs, Sufian Abu Zayda, said that Israel no progress was made in the release of Palestinian detainees from Israel prisons.

Abu Zayda added that he met with Gideon Ezra, Israeli minister of internal security, and the Israeli minister of justice, Tzipi Livni, on Thursday.

The two ministers informed Abu Zayda that Israeli decided to allow 3500 families visit their sons detained in Israeli prisons.

The families were barred from visiting their sons for long periods, “for security reasons” according to Israeli sources.


The decision was made after marathon talks and continuous demands by the Palestinian side.

Also, Abu Zayda added that the two parties decided to discuss reforming the Palestinian-Israeli committee regarding the detainees file, in the upcoming meetings.

“So far, no agreement was made on further release of Palestinian detainees, Israeli in linking the detainees file with the political progress and security issues”, Abu Zayda said. 

At the Feb. 8 2005 summit, Israel said it will release 900 Palestinian detainees, only 500 detainees. Were released.