Israeli News Paper Yodot Ahranot revealed Monday a new plan to build 533 new housing units in West Bank settlements, and that the government increased considerably subsidies allocated to settlements.

The plan includes construction in Adam, Emanuel, Har Gilo, and Har Adar settlements.

The newspaper wrote “while Sharon keeps talking about disengaging Gaza, his government expands construction in West Bank settlements.”

According to Yodot Ahranot, the new plan includes 200 units in Har Gilo, 98 in Adam, 134 in Har Hadar, 101 in Emanual, 48 in Har Homa, and 36 in Gilo.

During this year, the cabinet approved the construction of 2167 housing units in the West Bank, which represents a considerable increase if compared to the past three years. In 2003 908 units were built, 917 in 2002, while in 2001 647 units only were approved.