Sami Abu Zuhri, spokesperson of Hamas said, the movement set three conditions for its participation in the Legislative and presidential elections.

The conditions are, holding the elections should not be based on Oslo agreement, instead, basing the election on a national memorandum between the PA and the Palestinian Political factions, in addition to taking the needed measures to guarantee fair elections.

Abu Zuhri said, Hamas’ final position on the elections will be decided later when the political framework of the election is defined.

Hamas regards the elections as a popular demand and a right to all Palestinians, Abu Zuhri said describing the elections as the ideal way to choose representatives of the nation and confirming the movement’s readiness to join the election based on its previous three conditions.

Abu Zurhi said since Hamas aims towards supporting the Palestinian society as part of the goals of the Islamic Movement in Palestine it will take part in the local government’s elections, yet he added, ‘This is in principle, however we will monitor the way the elections will be held and this will affect our position regarding joining this process.’

Abu Zuhri criticized the registration process for the general elections, where some individuals will register qualified voters, which does not guarantee participation for everyone, where it is possible to go back to previous records from last elections and add to them new qualified voters.

With regard to candidates from Hamas, Abu Zuhri said there are talks with the PA on this issue, adding that Hamas will do its best to make these elections successful.