Sakher Habash, member of Fattah Central Committee said that intensive efforts are being carried out in order to mediate between Arafat and former P.A Prime Minister Mahmoud Abbas, Abu Mazen.

Habash said that he was appointed to follow this issue and already met with Abu Mazen who said that he has no objection whatsoever to organize a meeting for the Executive Committee of the P.L.O headed by Arafat.

Abbas, who still holds the position of the Secretary General of the Executive Committee of the P.L.O, did not attend any meeting for the committee since his resignation from his position as a Prime Minister since September, 2003.

Abbas gained International support after his calls for reforms, but he faced several complications and internal conflicts caused his resignation.

Habash, on the other hand, said that there are no personal conflicts between Arafat and Abbas, but the difference in opinion is the methods of carrying reforms.

Such conciliation between Arafat and Abbas might strengthen the position of the P.A facing great deal of International pressure and demands for fundamental reforms.

Current efforts of reconciliation are accompanied by efforts to make Mohammad Dahlan the former Internal Security Affairs Minister, who is close to Abbas, part of Qurei’s current government.

Habash said that Qurei met Abbas recently as part of the efforts conducted to convince him to return to the Palestinian leadership.

Nevertheless, a P.A official, who chose not to reveal his name, said that “the executive Committee in Fattah discussed the issue of making Abbas head of Fattah dialogue team with the Palestinian factions which is planned to be held on Cairo”.