The democratic front for peace and equality together with the International Solidarity Movement organized Saturday demonstrations at Hadarim, Majido, and Shata prisons inside Israel in support to the demands of Palestinian prisoners.

Dozens of Israeli Arabs, International peace activists, and members of Israel peace groups demonstrated outside the three prisons in solidarity with prisoners. More than 4,000 prisoners are on a hunger strike for the seventh consecutive day.

Prisoners announced the start of an open-ended hunger strike last Sunday, demanding to be treated respectfully, allowed family visits, an end to their isolation from the outside world, and better living conditions and health care.

The prison authority rejected prisoners’ demands, accusing that the strike was announced for political reasons, and that responding to the prisoners’ demands would be harmful to the security of the state of Israel.

Israeli internal security minister Tsachi Hanegbi said last Monday that “they can all [prisoners] starve to death”

Demonstrators held signs reading: “prisoners have rights”, “Hanegbi, Fascism has limits”

The organizers of the protest announced that a general one day hunger strike will be organized Wednesday in solidarity with the striking prisoners.