Jailed Palestinian Lawmaker Husam Khader told Friday his lawyer Riad Anis that the prison authority moved few prisoners’ leaders to other jails in an attempt to force prisoners to end the general hunger strike.

More than 4,000 Palestinian prisoners are on hunger strike protesting grieve human conditions inside Israeli jails and military detention camps. Around 2,000 have been on strike for six days, the rest, who joined later, for three days.

Khader confirmed that many of prisoners with serious illnesses joined he strike against the advice of the prisoners’ leadership, warning that the health condition of many prisoners is quickly deteriorating.

Khader called on international human rights organizations to present legal cases against the Israeli prisons authority, which violates the terms of the Fourth Geneva Convention on treatment of prisoners, to international courts.

Meanwhile, Israeli internal security minister Tsachi Hanegbi reiterated Friday his position, saying that “they all can starve to death”.

Thousands of Palestinians took the streets of most the West bank and Gaza cities after the Friday’s prayer in solidarity with striking prisoners.