Head of the military intelligence, Brigadier, Mousa Arafat on Saturday, declared his support to the new changes the Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas carried out on the security forces.

Abbas signed around 1100 forced retirement to security forces officers and decided to appoint three new heads for the security forces after consolidating them into three.

In the decision, signed by the Minister of Interior, Brigadier, Nasser Yousef, Mousa Arafat is to leave his post and be assigned advisor for military issues for the President.

Arafat said he would accept the post if was really involved and not Just a model advisor.

Arafat has warned last week that appointing new security chiefs and forcing older ones to retire, might create renegades in the military establishment.

‘There is a real anger among high ranking officers of the National security for because of this forced retirement of senior and older officials. The situation is boiling.’

According to the new changes, Suleiman Hilis will be appointed chief of the national security forces in the West Bank, whereas, Rashid Abu Shbak for the Preventive security and Ala Hosni chief of the Police. Ahmad Abdul Karim deputy to Arafat will succeed him as chief of the Military Intelligence.