The Palestinian Prisoners Society reported that the number of sick detainees in Israeli prisons in gradually increasing, and arrived to 950 detainees.

The society stated that some of the sick detainees are in need for medication and treatment while all of what they are receiving is painkilling pills.

Lawyer of the society, Raed Mahameed, visited a number of detainees in Gilboa’ detention, who informed them that the administration is barring them from conducting medical checkups and laboratory analysis, and even if such analysis is done, the detainees are not informed of the results which increases their psychological stress.

Detainee Eyad Mahmoud Rmeilat, from Tulkarem, is suffering from goiter, prison doctor confirmed that he needs to be X-rayed but the administration did not allow it.

• Goiter; a non-cancerous enlargement of the thyroid gland, visible as a swelling at the front of the neck that is often associated with iodine deficiency.

Section 7 in Gilboa’ is a new addition to the facility which was opened on December, 14, 2004; detainees in this section are suffering from bad living conditions and repeated attacks by the soldiers.

Rmeilat added that the rooms do not have kitchen tools, and electric machines.

Detainee Jamil Tarayrah, from Bani Neim near Hebron, needs a surgery in his hand; the administration is postponing the operation which is deteriorating his health condition and causing infections.

Also, lawyer Mahameed met with detainee Ramzi Jihad Kharboush, from Tulkarem refugee camp.

Ramzi is held in section 3, and suffering from headache as a result an injury he sustained in his head when he was arrested.

Ramzi was sentenced to three and a half consecutive years, and barred from his visitation rights for ‘security reasons’.

Detainee Firas Stallman Khaliliyya is held in section 4 and also barred from his visitation rights ‘for security reasons’.

Khaliliyya was sentenced to 6 life terms and addition 50 years.

Sections 2, 3, 5, 6 and 7 in Gilboa are used for detainees who are sentenced to high terms.

Lawyer Mahameed said that the conditions in all seven sections in Gilboa are bad and lack the basic needs of the detainees.

Also, lawyer Mahameed visited Ad-Damoun prison, and reported that 242 detainees were transferred there recently, and suffering of bad living conditions.

Detainee Moath Mo’een Ebdah said that the there are several sick detainees in Ad-Damoun, and that detainee Mos’ab Obeid, from Jenin, is suffering from a problem in his eye while the administration keeps postponing his transfer to Al-Ramleh detention hospital.