Informed Palestinian sources reported that two
prisoners in Gilboa prison are planning to run for the upcoming
parliamentarian elections slated for July.

Both Jamal Huweil from Jenin and Yasser Abu Bakr from Nablus will be running in Fatah bloc in their regions.

Both Huweil and Abu Bakr are prominent leaders of the Fatah youth in
their regions.  They were both arrested in 2002, during the
Israeli military invasion of the Palestinian areas.  Huweil is
sentenced to seven years imprisonment, while Abu Bakr is serving three
life-time terms and 40 years.

Earlier this week, the Palestinian legislative council confirmed that
the elections will be held as scheduled after some debate among Fatah
members, the biggest bloc in the parliament over delaying the elections.

Most of the Palestinian factions expressed satisfaction with holding the elections on the scheduled date on July 17.

On the other hand, Palestine News Network reported that an 11-year-old
boy is leading the election campaign for his jailed father for the
nearing municipal elections.

Abdul Rahim Qawwas son of the candidate Wajeeh Qawwas, from Qalqilia
said, ‘I am doing my father’s role who has been behind bars for thirty
months.  I want to tell the world that I am following my father’s
steps and I will not be but strong.’

Firas Yaghi, chair of the high election committee in the West Bank
said, ‘The Palestinian law allows the political prisoners to run for
elections, as a way of being loyal to their efforts.’