An Israeli military source reported on Saturday afternoon that an unidentified assailant stabbed am Israeli soldier guarding the West Bank settlement of Ghanim, and grabbed his weapon.

The soldier sustained light injuries and was transferred to the nearby Israeli hospital of Haemek in Affula.

Israeli security sealed the area and conducted military searches, and asked Ghanim settlers to remain in their homes in fear that the assailant infiltrated into the settlement.

It is worth mentioning that Ghanim settlement is one of the West Bank settlements slated for evacuation in accordance to the disengagement plan.

The Israeli security and police moved to Level “G” alert, which is considered one below emergency level.

Soldiers and border police were stationed along the Green Line, separating Israeli from the Palestinian occupied territories.

The Israeli security claims receiving 52 “concrete” warning of possible attacks during the Jewish feast.


The Palestinian territories remained under full closure, while army set up dozens of roadblocks closing and isolating the Palestinian territories.