Palestinian detainees in Majeddo detention resumed their hunger strike for the third day, in protest to their bad conditions.

Detainee Ra’fat Ayesh from Salfit said that soldiers are still conducting naked body searches, when the detainees are transferred to court or when they return, in addition to insulting and humiliating them.

Also, there are 60 detainees barred from their visitation rights, while soldiers are also barring the detainees, including brothers, from visiting each other among the branches of the detention.

Ayesh stated that the administration is still barring several detainees from conducting the needed medical surgeries, in addition to barring them from receiving the needed medical checkups.

Detainee Mohammad Nafe’ Qasem, from Jenin, said that the administration only allowed the detainees who were sentenced to apply for the Tawjihi ‘final grade’ certificate, which entitles student swho pass it to study in colleges or universities, while detainees who are still held without trial were barred from this right.

Also, prison administration repeatedly delayed meetings between detainees and their layers; the lawyers are allowed in, it takes two hours until the detainees can actually meet with them.