The last Syrian soldier will leave Lebanon on Sunday after 29 years, a senior Lebanese military officer said.

Syrian troops vacated Saturday 10 positions in the northern part of the Bekaa Valley in eastern Lebanon.

Dozens of trucks carrying hundreds of soldiers and at least 150 armored vehicles towing cannons and rocket launchers were seen heading to the Lebanese-Syrian borders, witnesses said.

Meanwhile, the son of assassinated Prime Minister Rafiq Hariri’s announced Saturday he will run in Lebanese general elections scheduled to take place by the end of May.

Saad Hariri told CNN he intends to run in the elections, expressing ‘full confidence’ in the UN investigation into the Feb. 14 assassination of his father.

Syria began withdrawing its troops from Lebanon last month in the wake of Hariri’s killing.

The assassination of Harriri threw Lebanon into political turmoil, forcing Syria to begin withdrawing its troops.

UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan said this week he was delaying the release of a report on Syria’s withdrawal from Lebanon until Tuesday so the UN could confirm the pullout of all Syrian forces.