A proposal submitted by U.S. Senator Sam Brownback called on the International community and the Arab world to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, in both of its eastern and western sides.

Brownback said that the recognition of the “unified and indivisible” capital of Israel should be announced and fully recognized before any recognition of a Palestinian independent state.

“The US would move its embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem 180 days prior to any recognition of the Palestinian state, Jerusalem is where the government of Israel, its president, its parliament and the High Court are”, Brownback added.

Also, the senator claimed that Jerusalem is not mentioned in the Koran “the Muslim Holy Book”, and that “it was never the capital of any other nation.

The proposal of Brownback was submitted also on behalf of senators Senators Michael Crapo, from Idaho, and Gordon Smith, from Oregon.

The congress drafted a resolution in the mid 1990 calling on the States to move its embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, Us President’s Bill Clinton and George W. Bush refused to implement the resolution because if its negative effects on the Israeli-Palestinian peace process.