Sources close the Palestinian Front for the
Liberation of Palestine, (PFLP) said Majdi Al-Rimawi jailed in the
Palestinian Authrity prison in Jericho is planning to run for the
Legislative election slated to be held on July 17.

Rimawi will be running for a Ramallah district seat, where he is from,
and is known of a good reputation and a good patriotic resume,
according to the source.

Rimawi is a Political prisoner and is hoping that he would keep the
prisoner’s case alive in the Palestinian community by running for
elections from inside the prison, to pressure the Palestinian Authority
to stop the political arrests.

In 2002, two weeks prior to the wide-scaled Israeli military operation
in the West Bank known as the ‘defensive shield’, Rimawi was arrested
and tried for endangering the Palestinian National security, and is
currently serving 8 years term.

Israel accuses five Palestinians of plotting the assassination of the
late Israeli Minister of Tourism Rehavam Zeevi in a Jerusalem hotel in
October 2001.  Among the accused, Ahmad sa’adat, Secretary General
of the PFLP, who succeeded Abu Ali Mustafa who was assassinated in
August of 2001.  Israel also accuses Al-Rimawi of being the main
brain in the plot.

Both Rimawi and Sa’adat in addition to three others, Ahed Galmeh, Hamdi
Qar’an and Basel Al-Asmar are in Jericho prison under American and
British observation.

Al-Rimawi’s wife was recently elected Mayor of the town of Bani Zeid Al-Gharbeyya to be the first Mayor in Palestinian history.

Two other prisoners in Israeli jails will run for the legislative
elections.  Detainees Jamal Hweil and Yasser Abu Baker detained in
Gilboa Israeli detention intend to run for the Legislative Elections
June 17, 2005.

The two detainees will be enlisted under Fatah candidate lists.