Israel army informed the family of Tziki Eyal, who was killed at Halhoul Bridge near the West bank city of Hebron on Tuesday, that he was killed by a bullet fired by another soldiers.

The soldier killed Monday night at a roadblock near Hebron was also hit by a bullet from a gun belonging to one of his comrades, army investigation revealed on Tuesday.

Soldier killed in Hebron was also hit by army bullet

Staff Sergeant Tziki Eyal, 23, from Mazkeret Batya, had been struck in the head by another soldier bullet, which more likely, but not surely, was the cause of his death. 

The investigation also revealed that the Palestinian driver Iyad Dwek 30, who was shot dead by soldiers after presumably running over Eyal, had no ties to any Palestinian resistance group, and no weapons were found in his car.

Very likely, Eyal was killed by a fellow soldier, and Dwek was unnecessarily killed following what appears to be a car accident.

Palestinian driver shot dead after he ran over, killed a soldier

Palestinian driver was shot dead Monday night by army soldiers after he ran over an Israeli soldier at a surprise road block on the road to Hebron city, causing his death.

Army source said that it was not initially clear whether the Palestinian had driven into the soldier intentionally or failed to see the road block in the dark. .

The incident took place close to 10 P.M., at the Halhoul Bridge near the West bank city of Hebron. Soldiers put up a surprise roadblock on the bridge, which is used by Palestinian traffic.


The soldiers at the road block said that a taxi was seen approaching, and a soldier stepped out to flag down the driver for inspection.

“At first the driver slowed, but suddenly put on speed and drove straight at the soldier, running him over and critically injuring him.” One soldier said.

The other soldiers then opened fire at the driver, who died instantly. 

The names of the slain Palestinian driver and soldier were not released.