The United Nations Secretary General Kufi Anan called Damascus and Beirut to cooperate with the team deployed to ensure the full withdrawal of Syrian troops from Lebanon.

Anan demanded his team to accomplish their mission fast, as he is going to report on the implementation of the UN resolution 1559 to the UN Security Council soon.

Anan’s comments come at a time Syria is completing its withdrawal from Lebanon.  The Syrian forces handed over the last post it controlled in Anjar to the Lebanese forces and raised the Lebanese flag on it.

{mosimage}Syrian chief of the security forces in Lebanon General Rustum Ghazaleh went back to Lebanon through the borders with Syria ending 29 years of Syrian Military presence in Lebanon.

The Lebanese will hold an official ceremony in Anjar to celebrate the Syrian withdrawal from their territories.  Syrian Minister of Information Mahdi Dakhlallah told reporters that the celebration will be symbolic as ‘an appreciation of the Syrian role in Lebanon.’

Dakhlallah remarked that Syria deployed its forces in Lebanon upon Lebanese request, referring to the celebration as a national reconciliation and an end to one of the stages of the civil war, and the occupation.