Tuesday at dawn, Israeli soldiers invaded the northern West Bank city of Qalqilia, broke into dozens of homes, and arrested seven residents.

A local source in Qalqilia reported that dozens of military vehicles and jeeps invaded Al-Naqqar, Zeid, Al-Ghayatha and the older neighborhood in the city and conducted military searches of homes.

The source stated that soldiers arrested Mo’tasem Talal Al-Baz, Mohammad Al-Aila and his sons, Abdullah and Othman, in addition to his brother of Mohammad, and Wisam Fathi Jbara.

In the old neighborhood of Qalqilia, soldiers arrested Mohammad Farah, who spent 36 months in administrative detention and was only released 3 months ago, and his brother Ahmad.

Also, Israeli soldiers also used dozens of homes as monitoring towers and fired rounds of live ammunition and concussion grenades forcing the residents in their homes. 


With the approaching municipal elections on May 5, the residents fear that the army might carry out repeated attacks against the city and the surrounding villages.