A Palestinian source reported that the joint Palestinian-Israeli committee discussing the issue of deportees and wanted fighters, and the joint committee on detainees, will conduct separate meetings after the Jewish Pesah feast.

Abdul-Fattah Hamayel, head of the deportees and detainees committee said that it held a meeting ten days ago, to discuss the final agreement draft submitted by Israel.

Both parties agreed on parts of the Israeli draft agreement, while certain issues remained conflicting without any agreement yet.

Hamayel did not elaborate of the agreed or conflicted issues, saying that “it is still early to talk about them until arriving to a final agreement”.

Sufian Abu Zayda, Palestinian Minster of Prisoners’ Affairs, said that the Palestinian side clearly informed Israel that’s “the key to any constructive dialogue is releasing the detainees who were arrested before 1994”.

“If they aren’t ready for this release, then we have nothing to negotiate on”, Hamayel said.