Both the Popular and the Democratic fronts for the liberation of Palestine, (PFLP & DFLP) said that ignoring the outcomes of the Cairo talks, by the Palestinian Legislative Council (PLC) will thwart the reforms in the Palestinian Authority and the restructuring of the National Unity.

The two fronts, hope for the reforms to end the Fatah solo control of the PLC, and open the door for the rest of the factions to function and take part in political decisions.

Their main objection is against ignoring that has been decided on in the Cairo talks in relation to the new election law.

The factions agreed to implement a new law to allow the voters to vote half on proportional representation bases while the other half on regional bases.

In a joint statement, the two fronts demanded the Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas and the PLC members to be responsible enough to allow the new legislative election law to be in force, based on what has been agreed on in Cairo.

The statement reads, ‘Respecting the consensus decisions made in Cairo and committing to it would reinforce the national unity, and enhance the performance of and the ability of the people and the leadership in facing the coming situation.’

The statement put all the Cairo talks decisions as one package, saying that it is not wise to implement something and ignore the rest, and the election law is part of this package that should be all implemented.