Tuesday afternoon, Israeli soldiers annexed 182 Dunams near Beit Sorik and Al-Jo’ba, north west of Jerusalem.

Walid Khaled Al-Azza, director of the Wall Resistance department in the Ministry of Local Government, said that the annexed lands belong to Ismail Abu Loja, Ahmad Ibrahim Abu Loja, Mousa Hamdan Masha’la, Hasan Mohammad Abu Loja, and Issa Mohammad Salem.

Al-Azza added that the annexed lands will be use to erect a new section of the Wall in the area.

Also, Al-Azza stated that soldiers intend to annex lands which belong to residents of Khirbit Al-Jabal, Wa’ret Beit Rabad, in Beit Sorik, west of Jerusalem.

The residents officially received the military orders informing them of the Israeli orders to annex their orchards.

The department considered the Israeli decision as a part of the continuous Israeli efforts to empty the lands from their rightful owners, and annex them to Jerusalem, disregarding the international laws and regulations.