Israeli sources reported that the Israeli railway Authority is planning to link the Gaza Strip with the railway as part of a project that would cost some NIS 280 millions.

One part will be to link the city of Affoula with Jenin in the northern West Bank, while the other will link Gaza through the line that connects Beer Sheva with Asqalan in the south.

The 11 kilometer (7 miles) Affoula – Jenin line will cost NIS 180 million whereas the one that will link to Gaza is 7 kilometer, (4 miles) will cost NIS 100 millions.

A statement by the railway authority said the second part of the project will put Beit Hanoun (Erez checkpoint) on the tracks and it connects Gaza with Israel and the ports, including Netsana area and the factories of the southern Israel and the Dead Sea.  It will also connect to the Jenin tracks and the borders with Jordan and then to Iraq.