An extremist settler group attacked and a group of residents in Hebron and al-Ramdeen area near the city, three residents were injured.

A medical source at the Hebron governmental hospital reported that two residents sustained fractions in their hands after being attacked by the settlers. 

The source stated that Adham Zahda, 13, sustained fractions in his hand, and bruises to several parts of his body, and Ahmad Warasna, 24, was attacked by settlers and soldiers while heading to his work, Warasna was badly bruised is his face and back.

Also, Ma’moun Abu Rmeila, 20, was attacked by settlers of Ramat Yeshai illegal outpost, and sustained several injuries.

Abu Rmeila was herding his sheep when a group of settlers attacked and punched him.

Israeli soldiers interrogated Abu Rmeila after he was attacked by the settlers who left the area after the army arrived.