Two Palestinians were killed as Israeli Air force apaches fired four missiles at Jabalia refugee camp north of Gaza Strip.

A Palestinian Police source said the two residents killed Monday in the strike were identified as Mousa Abu Mash, 20, and Mohammad Abu Hashish, 20 years old.

Israeli sources said missiles were fired at a number of Palestinian resistance gunmen trying to fire Qassam rockets at Israeli targets.

Palestinian medical sources said, it trook them a long time until they could identify the bodies as they arrived in a very bad shape because of the missile shelling.

On the other hand, eyewitnesses in Rafah said Israeli bulldozers are removing the rubble of the demolished houses in Al-Barazil refugee camp south of Gaza Strip.

Residents in the camp said this is an attempt to remove evidence of the demolished houses to change facts.

Earlier this day, Israeli Air Force helicopter gun ships fired two missiles at Rafah refugee camp in the southern Gaza Strip early Sunday.

Eyewitnesses said that one missile hit an open area near the border with Egypt, while another hit near an empty home. Medics said they had received no reports of casualties.

Army source said Sunday that the missiles were fired at open fields to secure ground forces during a routine operation.

Palestinian sources also reported that the Israeli army arrested 15 Palestinians at Abu Holy checkpoint, a main link between the middle and the south areas of the Palestinian strip.