A metal pipe that looks like a bomb was found Monday morning on the security fence surrounding the Tel Mond prison near Kfar Sava.

According to Army Radio, Police closed the roads and police sappers were examining the device to determine whether it was real or a dummy.

Nearly 1,500 security prisoners in four prisons have begun to strike, while an additional 2,400 are planning to join the strike on Wednesday.

The prisons authority rejected prisoners’ demands, including the removal of glass partitions separating them from visitors, installing public telephones in prisons sections, and improving the living conditions and health care.

Strangely enough, and in an effort to combat the hunger strike, prisons’ authority is planning to set up barbecues to grill meet near the prisoners’ cells.

Already Prisons guards confiscated all cigarettes, candy, large quantities of salt, pens, and newspapers.

In addition, all family visits were halted and radios and televisions have been removed from the prisoners’ cells.

A security prisoner said Monday that prisoners would not stop striking just because their personal items were confiscated.

‘A person who gives up food to achieve his goals will not fall because he doesn’t get a newspaper or see television,’ he said