Senior Israeli security sources expressed doubts about the level of Egypt’s involvement in enforcing order in the Gaza Strip after the intended Israeli pullout.

According to Israeli media sources, top Israeli security officers believe that Egypt will limit its rule to dispatching security instructors for the Palestinian Authority security forces.

According to the Egyptian newspaper Al-Ahram, Cairo was only ready to play an active rule under the following conditions:

* Israel withdraws the entire Gaza Strip, including the border Philadelphi Route.

* Opening Gaza up to the world, with operational air and sea ports

* Reopening of the ‘safe passage’ that will enable transportation links between the Gaza Strip and the West Bank

* An Israeli commitment not to reoccupy or to attack the Gaza Strip once the IDF withdraws.

Apparently Israeli is not ready to meet such demands; therefore Israeli officials are expecting Egypt to limit its involvement.

Egypt and Israel are working on arrangements that allow the deployment of some 2,000 Egyptian border police along the border in order to prevent arms smuggling across them.