A classified internal document written by Hamas leaders shows the willingness of the Islamic movement to participate in running the Gaza Strip alongside the PA under certain conditions.

According to media sources, the document was distributed to key Hamas leaders and media spokespersons to explain the bases of the movement approach towards the intended Gaza Pullout.

Under the heading ‘Document on the Approach to the Anticipated Withdrawal from the Gaza Strip,’ Hamas leadership presented an overall vision of the fundamental elements of the struggle, taking into account the intended Israeli withdrawal.

To preserve the unity of Palestinians, Hamas calls for the formation of ‘a joint legitimate leadership’ in the Gaza Strip.

‘The movement’s approach toward participating in running the Strip after withdrawal will be within a framework of ‘the formation of a leadership team’ – establishing a legitimate leadership and sharing in decision making by that same leadership that will be in charge of the matter.” The document stated.

‘Until such a team is formed, the leadership will be made up of all the nationalistic and Islamic factions and its mission will be to protect national unity and manage the Strip and its day-to-day civil and political affairs.” The document added.

In case the withdrawal takes place within the framework of a security agreement between Israel and the Palestinian Authority, Hamas will not join since it utterly rejects the legitimacy of the Oslo accords.

But, in this case, Hamas will demonstrate an active street presence to prevent the PA from making unilateral decisions and at the same time direct its activists to join PA ministries and some security devices to help take care of people’s needs.

In case of withdrawal under an agreement, Hamas will not take part in general elections, will not join the cabinet, and will not join PA security branches that has duties to protect Israel’s security.

The document repeatedly stated that Hamas will only play a positive role if the withdrawal is complete and comprehensive.

But, under all conditions, Hamas insists on ‘preserving the weapon of armed struggle and not relinquishing it or giving it away under any circumstances.’

Yet, Hamas did not exclude singing an agreement of honor in this matter “that will handle the problematic nature and complexity of arms usage for goals that are not the armed struggle.’

Hamas also emphasized its right to continue the struggle in other occupied Palestinian territories.

“Hamas will emphasize our people’s right to resist the occupation [outside the Gaza Strip] so long as the occupation of the land and the aggression continue, with the understanding that withdrawal from Gaza is not the end of the story and occupation is still present in the rest of the lands, and that not all rights and holy sites have been returned yet.’ The document stated.