Ahmad Lutfi Dharaghmah, from Tubas, who was sentenced to 15 consecutive years, is currently suffering from several health problems, and facing harsh conditions at al-Ramleh prison hospital which lacks the basic health facilities and medications.

Dharaghmah was shot in his left hand when he was arrested, and was tortured during interrogation; recently he was operated in his hand after developing several infections.

“sometimes I am visited by a doctor once or twice a week, he ‘checks me up for 10 to 15 minutes and leaves, even when I am sent to see him I have to be handcuffed:, Dhraghmah said.

Also, Dharaghmah added that he feels that the treatment receives in detention is ineffective, and fake, in addition to the humiliation the detainees have to go through especially when searching them in a provocative way.

“The doctors took bones from my pelvis to plant them in my hand, I can’t stand for a long period of time, yet they force us to stand while searching us, which makes me very tired”, Dharaghmah said.

Also, Dharaghmah added that there are six detainees in al-Ramleh detention hospital who need different surgeries, while the administration keeps delaying their surgeries for periods which reached in some cases up to 10 months.

Visitations in detention have to be conducted behind a fence, a plastic barrier and a 30cm window, no direct body contact is allowed, even if the detainee wants to hug his own children.

“If you object to anything, they would throw you directly in solitary”, Dharaghmah added.