{mosimage}Friday afternoon, at least ten Palestinian residents were injured after the Israeli police and soldiers attacked them with clubs in the yard of the church of the Holy Sepulcher in Jerusalem, during the Greek Orthodox eater celebrations.

The National Christian Coalition in Jerusalem organized a protest against the land deal which Patriarch Irinious I was involved in. 

Soldiers attacked five youth of the Coalition when they tried to bar Patriarch (Irinious I) from entering the church.

At least ten injuries were reported after the soldiers attacked them in front of the church.

Hundreds of Palestinian Christians, from several sects participated in the protest against the Patriarch, Muslim protestors where also actively present.  

Also on Friday, Reporter Kliman Lipskind, from Israeli newspaper Ma’areev, revealed the original documents concerning the Jerusalem property deal between the Greek Orthodox Church and Jewish investors, saying the documents will be shocking to church officials.

Around the middle of February, Lipskind uncovered a major property deal, through which the Greek Orthodox Patriarch (Irinious I) sold major property in Omar Ben Al-Khatab square in the old city of Jerusalem, worth $ 130 million to Jewish investors.

Arab Christians are demanding an immediate resignation of Patriarch Irinious I.