Nine people were injured Saturday in Cairo during a double terror attack carried out by a suicide bomber, his fiancée, and his sister.

Ihab Yousri Yassin, who is believed to be linked to the terror attack in Cairo three weeks ago, blew himself up near the Egyptian Museum in the city center, wounding seven people.

Two hours later two women, later identified as Yassin’s fiancée and sister, opened fire at a tourist bus. 

The two incidents have raised concerns that violence targeting the vital Egyptian tourism industry has been revived.

Three Egyptians, Two Israelis, a Swedish man and an Italian woman were wounded to various degrees in the shooting incident.

Egyptian security attributed the Saturday attacks to its crackdown on a small cell that carried out the April 7 suicide bombing in Cairo’s tourist bazaar that killed two French tourists and an American.

An Egyptian security source denied that the two attacks signal a revival of organized attacks targeting the Egyptian tourism industry.

Two militant groups, the Mujahedeen of Egypt and the Abdullah Azzam Brigades, claimed responsibility for the double attack.

The Abdullah Azzam Brigades said in a statement published through an internet site that the attack was revenge for the arrests of thousands of people in Sinai after the Taba bombing.

‘The explosion was caused by a very primitive bomb full of nails. Most of the injuries were superficial caused by the destruction of the nails,’ said Egyptian Health Minister Mohammed Awad Tag Eddin.

The two women who carried out the shooting attack were dressed in head-to-toe black veils.

The women were in a car following the bus; they stopped and fired three bullets through its back window, and then shot themselves. One died immediately and the other died in hospital, an Egyptian security source said.

Eyewitnesses, however, reported that police opened fire on the women.