The WAFA news agency reported that seven residents, including five children, were injured in al-Fawwar refuge camp in Hebron, after the army fired at dozens of homes following clashes which erupted in the camp.

The agency stated that seven residents were hospitalized at the Hebron governmental hospital following clashes which erupted in the camp; several residents were treated by field medical teams after inhaling gas fired by the army.

A medical source in the Hebron Governmental Hospital reported that Nour Abdul-Hadi Al-Anani, 4 years old, was injured by rubber-coated bullets in his face and thigh.

Also, the source stated that Mohammad Abu Sil, 16, was injured by live ammunition in his knee, Sayyaf Kamal Abu T’eima, 13, was injured in his eye after being hit in his head by a concussion grenade, Mahmoud Khalil Rabee’. 14, was injured in his leg, Fares Mohammad Toubasi, 23, was injured in his left elbow, Sameer Ahmad Toubasi, was injured in his hand, and Ibrahim Mohammad al-Sarahna, 8, suffocated after inhaling gas.

Resident Suleiman al-Sahrana told the WAFA news agency that soldies held him and his family for 16 hours after breaking into it overnight.

“at least 20 soldiers broke into our home, east of the camp, and held us in one room in the second floor, they cut the electricity off, barred us from using the toilet, or moving to any other room”, Suleiman said.

Suleiman added that soldiers caused damage in his home while searching it, in addition to destroying their TV and computer, and confiscated a mobile phone.