The Israeli authorities issued a new plan to construct a new settlement road which carries Nr. 55, south of the Separation Wall area near Qalqilia.

The planned road will cross west of Habla village, near Qalqilia, and will be used by settlers of Alfeh Menashe, Maali Shamron and Yakeer settlement, linking them with Wadi Qana Street and Emanuel settlement east of Qalqilia, in addition to linking Qarneh Shamron and Qadumim settlements with the Green Line.

The planned road will eventually block the street which links Qalqilia with Nablus; Palestinian residents will not be allowed to use the settlers’ road.

Also, the road will separate several Palestinian neighborhoods from each other and disconnect the geographical unity of the area.

The village of Magharat al-Dhabba, near Qalqilia, which is located behind the Wall will be divided into two parts, dozens of homes west of the village are threatened to be leveled if the new plan is implemented.

The route of the planned road was supposed to be by the Wall, but the Israeli authorities changed it threatening dozens of homes by dividing the village into two completely separated parts.