Khader Khateeb, a leader of the Islamic Jihad, said that the truce reached with Israeli is about to collapse as a result of the continuous military operations and invasions in several Palestinian areas.

Khateeb added that the operation carried out by the army in Tulkarem on Monday, which led to the dearth of one of its activists by military fire, is considered a direct breech to the truce.

Also, Khateeb stated that Palestinian resistance movements will not stand still while the army conducts ‘daily violations to the truce’, and added that the Islamic Jihad will be obliged to retaliate.

“It is illogical that the Palestinian resistance movements stand still committed to ceasefire, while the army has freehand in our area, against our people”, Khateeb said.

Khateeb also called on Palestinian movement to reconsider its position concerning the truce.

The statments of al-Khateeb came after the army arrested a member of the Islamic Jihad in Tulkarem; the Irsaeli security claims that the member was planning to conduct a suicide bombing, and that he taped details of claimed operation.  

Meanwhile, Palestinian Prime Minister Ahmad Qorei appealed the International Committee to impose pressures on Israel to halt its operations in the Palestinian territories.

Qorei added that the military violations do not help the P.A control the Palestinian areas, and sharply harm peace efforts in the region.