In a surprising development, the government of Israel informed Settler representatives on Monday night that it intends to meet almost all their demands concerning relocation to Nitzanim dunes.

Israeli Justice Minister Tzipi Livni told attorney Yitzhak Miron, who is represents Neveh Daklim settlers that the government agrees to the establishment of four new communities in the area of Nitzanim.

Earlier On Monday, the government declared intentions to house the evacuees in 1,000 housing units in new neighborhoods to be constructed in the north of Ashkelon.

The government also agreed to settlers’ demand to be granted independent municipal status.

Livni told Army Radio on Tuesday morning the Nitzanim plan will not involve the relocation of settlers to the rare sand dunes or nature reserve in the area.

‘No one has any intention to house the settlers on the dunes of the nature reserve,’ Livni said.

‘Part of the plan to be submitted will include the declaration of dunes as a nature reserve with the aim of preserving them. Settlement is aimed to be alongside the reserve.’ She added.

According to a governmental source, the government has promised to anchor the Nitzanim plan in a new government decision, but rejected their demand to reopen the Evacuation Compensation Law and amend its compensation clauses.

A month ago, settler leaders approached Israeli Prime minister Ariel Sharon proposing a quite en masse move to Nitzanim. Since then, the cabinet has been examining the feasibility of the proposal.