Hundreds of Israeli left-wing protesters demonstrated in Tel Aviv on Thursday evening against the killing Wednesday of two Palestinian youths in the West Bank by Israeli soldiers.

The two teenagers were shot dead near the village of Beit Likia, west of Ramallah, during a protest against the construction of the separation wall in the area.

Protestors gathered opposite the Israeli Defense Ministry’s Kirya compound in Tel Aviv and from there walked to Likud Party headquarters on King George Street.

The police announced that the demonstration was illegal and began arresting protesters. At least six people were taken in by police.

‘On the day of [remembrance for] the big Holocaust, we must make sure that there is no ‘little holocaust’ of Palestinians.’ MK Mohammed Barakeh said during the rally.

Earliers on Thursday, army Central Command chief Yair Naveh suspended a senior officer who commanded the force that shot dead the two Palestinians.

Naveh said the conduct of the deputy company commander was defined as ‘unreasonable.’

Oudai A’asi, 14, and his 15-year-old cousin Kamal A’asi, both from the West Bank village of Beit Lakia, were shot dead by soldiers. Army says the two were among a group of stone throwers, Palestinians say they were playing football in a field near the village.