Friday afternoon, Israeli soldiers arrested three residents during a protest against the Separation Wall in the village of Bilien, near the West bank city of Ramallah.

A local source in the village stated that hundreds of residents and dozens of Israeli peace activists, protested against annexing 2300 Dunams from the village for the Separation Wall; army fired concussion grenades and gas bombs at the protestors, no injuries were reported, three residents were arrested.

The source reported that soldiers surrounded the protestors and attempted to bar them from reaching the annexed lands.

Hundreds of Dunams, constituting the major part of the villages’ farmland, were confiscated for use in construction of the wall.

Meanwhile, the Israeli online daily Haaretz reported that the Wall department said that the residents who lost their lands will be given lands which belongs to ‘the state’ without specifying the location of the alleged lands.

Haaretz said that Dani Teresa, head of the Wall Department said that he formed a committee to compensate the Palestinians for their lost lands; the committee is still do study the means and standards for such a compensation, according to Haaretz.

Israel, throughout dozens of years annexed hundreds of thousands of Dunams from the Palestinians in order to construct settlements and military camps, the owners were not compensated, and in minor cases some were compensated for part of what they actually lost.