The Israeli army is preparing for a military operation in the Gaza Strip in retaliation to the firing of homemade shells against Israeli target, an Israeli source reported.

The Israeli Television, channel 2, reported that the army received orders from the political leadership to prepare for military operations in the Gaza Strip.

Over the last few days, Palestinian resistance fired several shells at Sderot and other Gaza Strip settlements, the homemade shells were fired after the army killed several residents in the Palestinian areas.

Channel 2 added that senior military officials said that “cease fire no longer exists”.

Also, channel 2 added that differences in opinion occurred between the Shabak and the Israeli military intelligence concerning the conducts of the Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas against resistance factions.

Head of the Shabak Avi Dichter, claimed that ‘Abu Mazin is not conducting enough efforts against armed groups, while the military intelligence said that Abbas is doing a good job but not fast enough.

Also, an Israeli security source claimed that Hamas fighters are improving their combat capabilities benefiting from the truce period.

Meanwhile, the Palestinian-Israeli committee discussing prisoners release is scheduled to meet on Sunday in order to discuss releasing 400 Palestinian detainees.

Israeli and the P.A agreed that Israeli should release 900 detainees of two stages; so far Israeli only released 500 detainees.