The Israeli Minister of Internal Security Shaul Mofaz intends to hold a meeting with high official in the Israeli Security in order to discuss new methods to improve the capacities of the Israeli Hetz “arrow” missile which successfully intercepted a target missile.

Mofaz also intends to discuss with the leaders of the Israeli security the new experiment conducted by Iran in its efforts to develop the “Shihab 3′ missile, which travels at about 7,000 kph, and measures 17 meters in length.

The development of the Israeli “Hetz” missile is part of the “Homa”, or Wall, which is a shield project designed to counter missiles capable of striking Israel from countries like Iran or Syria , according to the Israeli security.

According to military radio, a senior security source in Israel said that “ Israel have no reason to worry about the Iranian experiment, and that the Israeli “Hetz” missile is capable of challenging the Iranian Shihab missile.

Israel and the United States , conducted lately an experiment in the Pacific Ocean in order to test the capacities of “Hetz” missile in intercepting a “Skud” missile.

The Israeli newspaper Yediot Aronoth, said Thursday that the Israeli Air Force Industries are conducting studies and experiments to develop a more advanced and sophisticated missile.

According to Yediot Aronoth, the Hetz missile in the new experiment is to intercept a more advanced Ballistic Skud missile, and that the missile is more developed than a “Shihab 3” Iranian missile.